Packaging & Shipping

- Packaging, Crating -

We provide a variety of professional art packaging services, including customized packaging, cartons and wooden boxes. We will use the most suitable packaging materials and technologies according to different types and sizes of art to ensure that customers’ art is protected during transportation.

- Professional Shipping -

We provide shipping services for artworks with safe delivery as our primary goal. We have an experienced and professionally trained team responsible for overseeing the entire shipping process, ensuring the integrity of the artwork from start to finish. In order to ensure the safe transportation of artworks, we provide a variety of vehicle types and will select appropriate vehicles for transportation based on the characteristics and needs of the works.

- International Shipping -

We work closely with major international transportation companies, customs brokers, aviation and shipping companies to provide international art transportation services. With our accumulated professional knowledge and global partners over the years, whether it is a valuable antique or a large-scale art exhibitions, we are able to provide customized services so that artworks can be transported in the best way to achieve the best efficiency and safety.

- Insurance -

We have established a good cooperation model with major product insurance companies to assist in insuring appropriate types of insurance based on artwork or customer needs, providing comprehensive protection. We will provide customers with the most suitable insurance plan based on the value and characteristics of the work to ensure that the work is protected during transportation. If any accident unfortunately occurs, we will immediately notify the customer and provide corresponding claims and assistance.

- Condition Check -

Before the artwork is transported, a professional team will be arranged to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the artwork; during the transportation process, we will select appropriate packaging materials and methods based on the type and characteristics of the artwork to ensure the safe transportation of the artwork; After arriving at the location designated by the customer, the condition of the work will be inspected and photographed to confirm that the work has not been damaged in any way during transportation.

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