Reliable professional art transportation partner

Committed to the packaging, transportation, customs declaration, sea and air transportation,

Door to Doorand exhibition/unloading of domestic and foreign artworks and other refined services.


- Our Services -

Who are we?

Our professional team has extensive experience and knowledge, able to provide professional art transportation services to major art galleries, auction houses and collectors. We provide domestic and foreign exhibition transportation, professional exhibition installation and unloading and other related services. We customize packaging and wooden box sizes according to customer needs to ensure that customers' artworks are perfectly protected during transportation.

Why choose us?

We have participated in major art fairs in the world and can provide customers with comprehensive services. Regardless of the scale of transportation, we will do our best to provide the best quality service. Understanding the value and importance of art, we handle each piece of art with professionalism and care, ensuring that they remain intact during shipping.

What we can do?

Our business scope covers Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Chinese area. We not only provide domestic and foreign art transportation, but also assist in professional installation manpower and business operations for various expos and exhibitions, providing Door to Door, Port to Port, Wall to Wall, and other exquisite services to meet the different needs of customers.During the transportation process, we must strictly follow various transportation standards and regulations to ensure that our customers' artworks are safely transported to their destination.

- Business Philosophy And Vision -








JET is a company specializing in fine art shipping and storage, committed to providing customers with high-quality services. We firmly believe that every piece of art has its own uniqueness, so from packaging, transportation to preservation, we can provide customized services and professional advice to meet all customer needs.

Our first priority is to ensure that our customers' artworks are safe during transportation and storage. We use warehousing monitoring systems and risk assessments to protect our customers' property safety to the greatest extent. In terms of customs clearance and transportation, we will strictly abide by the relevant regulations and standards of international transportation and storage. In order to improve customer satisfaction, we always maintain innovative thinking, combine advanced technology with business practices, continuously optimize all service processes, and establish a good reputation in the industry.

Our company has established its current scale with hard work and honest management, and has a customer-centered business philosophy. In the future, we will uphold our consistent integrity and down-to-earth spirit, commit to diversified and international development, and create a more brilliant future.

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